placenta encapsulation

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highly revered in traditional chinese medicine, placenta hominis has a long history of use to support postpartum recalibration.

the process involves preparing the placenta with warming peppers, ginger, and lemon
then dehydrating, grinding, and loading it into easy to swallow capsules.

Your Package Includes:

placenta transportation kit, pick up,
processing, and delivery



recapturing lost hormones and nutrients from the placenta can benefit the postpartum recovery process.

many have reported increased breast milk production, increased energy, and balanced mood associated with placenta capsule consumption.

placenta encapsulation offers a proactive traditional approach to postpartum recalibration.


safe handling and processing of your placenta is my top priority.

as your placenta encapsulation specialist, i maintain current servsafe food handling safety certification and bloodborne pathogen safety certifiction in accordance with rigid health and safety protocols.


there are a few instances in which encapsulation is not recommended.

your placenta will NOT be encapsulated in the event of:

  • heavy smoking during pregnancy
  • uterine infection or chorioamnionitis
  • chemical contamination during pathology
  • drug use during pregnancy
  • cancer of the placenta (choriocarcinoma)
  • HIV infection or hepatitis infection
  • improper storage- placentas kept at room temperature for greater that 4 hours with no preservation methods

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  1. Lindsay

    Bobbi was very professional and very quick with the pickup and delivery of my placenta. She met us in the hospital within a few hours of delivery in order to have optimal freshness for the procedure. When it was finished the capsules came in a really cute tin with handwritten personal instructions. I have had the same process done for my first child but the response time was much longer and not as personal. Her attention to detail makes you feel very special. After starting the pills I noticed my milk supply increase and my overall mental well-being to be heightened. I would recommend her over and over again if you are looking to have this done. I would also recommend her sits bath herbal remedy for after delivery. It smells amazing and gives all your lady parts a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling!

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