“Bobbie is passionate and loving person and it comes through in her work. Her products are made with care and the selections she offers are a thoughtful reflection of what she wants to offer people to improve their well-being. She makes herself available for questions to anyone, including myself, who are new and unfamiliar with the benefits of using herbs and tonics.”

“Custom made blends are available. However I have found that herb & owl has on hand a perfect blend for nearly every ailment. This herbalist loves and knows her plants! well done Herb & owl!” (Midwife endorsement )

“LOVE my sweet child o’mine tea! Delicious blend with all the necessary herbs for a healthy pregnancy!”

” Bobbie helped me with some postpartum anxiety by creating a special herbal tea just for me! It was super helpful, and she is a very thoughtful and caring person.”

” Great service, excellent product and helpful explanations. This herbalist knows her stuff .”

” Generous, personal service and high quality herbal products at an affordable price.”